What Goes Into Being a Kubota Dealer? – Sales Planet

To become a Kubota retailer or repair center Please fill out the questionnaire.

Kubota is among the largest manufacturers in the world of compact tractors, lawnmowers and diesel engines. The Kubota products are renowned for their design, sophistication and simplicity of use. To make your business the official Kubota repair or dealer, you must become certified. A Kubota certification is based upon a points system. There’s more than 30 criteria that you have to meet in order to be able to get. If you have met or exceeded the minimum requirements you will be able to offer your customers a better deal on the parts and warranties you can offer your clients. This certification can also be utilized as part of your marketing promotions. It is a way to be a proof of your concern for Kubota machines and your commitment to them.

Your technician will be able to send you to advanced training and will have access to many more internet-based information. Though many dealers state that they repair Kubota machines, in reality, you’ll have the certification. You now know how to be Kubota dealers.


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