How to Purge Your House For a Move – Maine’s Finest

The heavier the things you carry and the greater number of trips to and out of your previous home will be needed. If you’re engaging a moving company, the lesser weight you’ll be carrying, the more affordable your move will be. If you have heavy electrical equipment that you do not utilize, you might consider selling the items to your local electrician or AC contractor for a reasonable cost. It is possible to purge any items you do not need or want to use.
12. Purge Items within your ‘Just in Case Pile

The majority of the time, clutter is just things which you store away for the possibility of use later or just to remember. There’s no reason to use, need or appreciate them. You’re just anxious about having them go. Take into consideration the ‘just in case’, “someday, or ‘what-if’ clutter now that your moving. Try to be as realistic and truthful in your dealings with yourself. Avoid moving with things you don’t need.

13. Purge Sentimental Items

Deleting sentimental possessions is difficult. Don’t start with sentimental items. Instead, focus to tackle smaller tasks of decluttering. Begin by clearing out your pantry, bathroom, as well as your coat closet. In these areas, you’ll be more likely to make decisions that are more rational and not as emotional. As you get more organized and purge, the more proficient you’ll be at decluttering. Additionally, simpler decluttering tasks can help you to develop your ‘decluttering muscles which means that when the time comes you’ll have the tools to manage the most difficult chores, like those precious, hard-to-remove items. But don’t wait until the very last minute to get rid of your possessions. It can take longer to go through your belongings and then make decisions about decluttering items that are sentimental. Decluttering objects with sentiment will take more time and a lot more breaks. It’s not a good decision to attempt to eliminate sentimental items in a rush or when you’re under pressure.

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