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is to cut as much cash as you can on lighting.
12. Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should be inspected when they are installed and every month following, specifically if they are located in areas where they can be easily rust. As time passes the nozzle of a fire extinguisher will get blocked. Also, the fire extinguishers have to always be filled. In addition, the steps on how to use the fire extinguisher should be clear in order for an emergency to be managed and the extinguisher can be used. Also, the fire suppression system has to be checked in time. It is possible to hire experts for this task.

13. Doors

The doors to the building need to operate correctly. In order to ensure safety you must check the hinges regularly. They must operate properly without flaws. If there is a fire, the hinges should not be damaged. If doors must be replaced particularly steel doors that tend to rust quickly on hinges, remove them and implement preventative methods to extend their life span.

14. The Removal of Snow

It is important to remove snow especially in the cold winter months. It is important to prevent accidents. This will, on the other hand, increase the productivity of your building as people will do their normal work during the winter period due to the security that is guaranteed from accidents caused by snow. Your building should be amongst the most secure in winter and accident-free. This prevents your landscaping from burning entirely due to low temperatures.

15. Parking lots

If your property has underground parking, then strict and regular maintenance guidelines must be followed. Consult with an expert for guidance on what is the ideal material for sealing the cracks that are present in your parking garage. The cracks may remain untreated for a long time.


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