A Look at Pollinator Studies – Daily Objectivist

There are many ways to support pollinators in various ecosystems. This article will explore how pollinators are affected in research.

The initial steps of research on pollination begin in the orchard and then shift to laboratories. Researchers must find the most effective ways to help pollinators, and ensure that crops pollinate economically. Teams of field scientists collect information on pollination, and then manage the effectiveness and rate of pollination for this particular crop. Researchers also manage taking note of, collecting and assessing the types of bees that visit crop flowers.

Each species of bee pollinates differently , which is why those working on studies on bees need to be able to identify bees. It is vital to keep up research on the pollination habits and the relationships of the bees that live in wild habitats. There are more than 3,600 species found in America as well as Canada.

Take a look at this video and know more about pollinator research.


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