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Functional laundry room ideas The laundry products you use, like lint rollers and dryer sheets? Get your laundry organized by labeling the large baskets of laundry with family members’ names so that they are easier to manage as you wash.
4. Floors that are water resistant

There’s a great deal of water splashing around that’s why you’ll want floor and counter materials that will not be damaged by moisture. It is not a good idea to have the laundry area in your home to be wet and smelly. As a countertop material, quartz, granite, and porcelain tile are excellent resistant and long-lasting materials. Ceramic tile, laminate luxury sheet vinyl, natural tiles, wood that’s waterproof, as well as ceramic tile are the best choices for flooring. Avoid carpeting.

5. Double Up to use as the Mudroom

Create your laundry space to be incredibly functional by getting it to multitask and double up to be a laundry room cum as a mudroom. Most mudrooms are situated at the back and side doors, so this is one of those practical laundry room solutions that only work if your laundry room is situated there as well. Your laundry room already has storage capabilities so it can be used as the space for the mudroom. There must be places where your family members can store backpacks and shoes that are messy hanging coats, and even put away equipment used for sports or hobbies. There are many ways to accomplish this. You can always engage a cabinet remodel expert to design the perfect storage space.

6. Faucet

A large utility sink with an insufficient faucet isn’t an option. A swivel pull out faucet that has a wide reach is highly recommended. Select a faucet that also offers different streams of water jets e.g., a splash-free aerated stream and a strong blast. The faucet will get to every corner of your sink and clean any dirt easily. A high arching faucet fitted with a side sprayer could also be a good choice. In addition, a side sprayer hose is usually longer at about 20-28 inches


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