Drug Combination Products What You Didnt Know – This Week Magazine

What is a combination drug? Combination drugs are made from several medicines incorporated into one tablet, capsule or liquid. The reason for this is that different areas of our body are able to respond more effectively to the medication when it is derived from multiple sources, rather than only one. A good example is a medication that includes an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory might help decrease inflammation that results from the illness while also helping to treat the symptoms of the disease.

Combination drugs work in a variety of ways. Synergism is one method used to blend drugs. This is when multiple substances work in conjunction and their effects can be more potent than one individual. That means the result of the mixture drug is greater than the sum of the components. Another way of looking at this is to consider “antagony” in which the effect of multiple substances are greater than their individual parts. It means that the cumulative result of the combined drug may not be as good as one would like. o86ozh4nce.

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