Indoor Gun Range Safety Tips – EDUCATION WEBSITE

Don’t fire your firearm shoot at anyone or any animal. If you find a gun that is damaged, you should not fire it.

If you’re new to shooting a gun at an indoor range with no restrictions, there are couple of points to bear in mind. Before entering the range, be sure that everyone knows the rules for safety. Members of the staff should be on hand to assist you in shooting and explain safety regulations. It is possible to ask another shooter to assist you, or return to the shooting range if there is no one available. It’s also important to be aware of where firearms are kept so that they are not accessed and is lost during shoots.

The discharge of a gun in an enclosed space could cause danger if not taken protection measures. If you’re inside, you’re at additional risk should you not take any precautions. There is also the option creating a backup stopper for security and to recycle penetrating bullets should they miss their target or exit the range without injury. Backstops are essential to use indoors, however when it comes to outdoor shooting it is not impossible to find the possibility that stray bullets may strike an object that was not intended.


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