What You Didn’t Know About Hard Water – Carpet Cleaning Fort Dodge

cts it can have to you and your family? This video will explain the distinctions between hard and soft water. Let’s dive into this!

Did you know that nearly 13 million families get their water from private wells? Water quality is not about the way it feels, but how much mineral is present in the water. It is waters that have a higher amount of minerals. So, what are the minerals? The hard water is made up of calcium as well as magnesium. These minerals come from rocks and are collected when the water runs through wells and rivers that eventually reach your home. Let’s talk about the few negative effects that it causes on our houses.

In your home, hard water will cause more scum to form on the edges of tubs and showers. It can also leave behind limescale, which is really difficult to eliminate from the faucets and in pots. But, how can all of this be avoided? Softening your water. Get in touch with JB Water Well to learn more.


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