How to Prevent Massive Damage to Your Home – Family Game Night

Each year, thousands of trees fall on vehicles and houses of residents. The results are millions in damages. Most often trees or a branch comes down on a building or vehicle following a heavy storm. The trees that have mold or tor will be most likely affected. In this video, we will demonstrate how to identify branches and trees that could present a risk for your home. If you find the signs do not hesitate to contact an arborist to remove the tree’s branch and away from the house.

An enormous branch that hangs over your roof is most dangerous. It’s especially risky if the large branch points toward the sky rather than towards the sky. They exert a tremendous strain on the trees, and are the most likely to be swept away in storms. Because of the weight and size of these branches, they’re the most dangerous. Dead branches must also be removed. They are a risk to anyone who walks below them. If there are no leaves, it means dead branches.


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