How to Install a Sliding Cabinet Barn Door – Suggest Explorer

What are the best ways to incorporate an open barn door sliding cabinet in your house? It’s a fantastic addition to your home, which can truly make your space feel new. Keep reading to learn more on how to install them.

The first step is to purchase all the necessary materials for the installation of your door. Everything you need can be purchased at your local hardware shop. First thing you need to do is take a measurement of the doorway have. Then, take a measurement of the area and then locate the appropriate door. Barn door kits will usually contain the wheels and bars needed to attach the doors.

The following step is to install your planks into the wall. It is recommended to use a level to make sure that the wall is even with the flooring. A door can slide upside down if isn’t. The slider will be screwed on top of the planks of wood and afterwards, install the wheels. Then, attach the door to the slider and you’re ready to go. Watch online videos that give a comprehensive explanation of how to install the door. There are many videos online , which offer a wealth of information into how an installation works.


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