How to Install a New Toilet – Outdoor Family Portraits

an integral part of any modern essential part to any brand new. A toilet you choose can be both efficient and beautiful. You will need to have the necessary knowledge and experience to construct toilets. But, you are able to play around with it through watching this video.

The first task is to install the Phalange. Cast iron from pipes is cut so that it can fit in the new Phalange. To get rid of dirt and debris, vacuums are used to wash the area. After that, the phalanges are lined up and put into position. Secure the bolts in the middle and expand the rubber until it reaches the exterior of the pipe made from cast iron.

Next step is to install a shut off valve in the supply line. The copper pipe is in the bathroom you will attach it to. You don’t need bolts, nuts or screwing. Just place the valve on securely and you’re ready to take off.

Attach one of the adapters to your Phalange. This adapter is able to improve the efficiency of the toilet. Finally, connect the pipes directly to your toilet, make sure all water lines work, and you’re good!

Find out more information about toilet installation in this video.


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