Different Types of Water Heaters – Andre Blog

Ater heaters heat water from the taps in the homes we live in. They’re crucial to ensuring that we all get baths that are warm and also have access to hot water to wash dishes. There are many varieties of water heaters you can use for your house. Let’s look at the various varieties of heaters for water.

The water heater first we will talk about is a heater that is gas powered. The heaters, as their names suggest, are powered with gas. The outside of a gas tank, you’ll discover a thermostat an gas burner. Additionally, there is an internal pipe that runs through the tank until it reaches one of the chimneys that release the hot air.

A tank that is electric is the next water heater that we’ll be talking about. While they do not have the same burner as gas tanks but they have two electronic elements that can are heated by water. Electric tanks do a better work of holding the heat when compared to gas tanks. Though they are able to keep the heat more efficiently however, they consume lots of energy.


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