Tips for Getting a Concrete Contractor License – Ceve Marketing

f obtaining a permit as an concrete contractor differs in each state. These are the main rules in the states.
The Six Steps to Obtain the Concrete Contractor’s license

1. The primary requirement is that you are an adult over 18 years. In addition, you need to have at least four years’ practical experience.

2. Pre-licensure study must be completed at an accredited college.

3. When you submit your license application before the state department, you must demonstrate that you are of decent moral character and conduct.

4. Send your course completion certificate to the proper regulators of licensing and also the necessary fees as well as your the personal information to be handled.

5. There are two ways to making your license application through mail or in the person.

6. After you have obtained your permit, you must ensure that it’s current with renewal courses.


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