The Whats, Whys and Hows of 4 Point Inspections – Rad Center

is one of the measures you can take to secure your home. When you are able to issue insurance coverage for your home, your insurance company should send a professional to inspect it. “What is a four-point inspection?” A YouTube video on the channel Florida Real Estate Scene is asking this question. Chuck Vosburgh, a Realtor who discusses four aspects that can cause you to be unable to qualify for homeowner’s insurance.

Each major system is included during the inspection of 4 points including plumbing, electrical, and heating. Insurance companies want to verify that the roof is in good repair and that it has a minimum 5 year lifespan. An inspector will assess the safety of the electric system, and decide if the wiring was properly done without any risk to the panel.

Your plumbing system should be protected and free from obstructions and leaks. Certain plumbing equipment, including galvanized or plastic, do not work due to their tendency for leaks.

Most insurance providers will give you the option of a grace period to make repairs to your home. They might suggest replacing specific things, like the electrical panelbefore they approve the home to be insured.


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