Some Common Plumbing Mistakes You Need to Avoid – Family Tree Websites

lumbing is difficult. There are numerous pipes that run in all directions. They can be found in ceilings and walls. They aren’t easy to track them down. That’s why it’s always a good idea to contact a plumber. It is possible, however, to do repairs or installations on your own. In this video, we will present several important details about the common plumbing issues.

Check that you’re welding your pipe. The trick is heating the pipe rather than the solder itself. It is important to heat it just enough to allow the solder to be able to join, but not too much so that the pipe is black due to excessive heat. Make sure you solder all joints of copper in the same step. In the event of overheating one joint, it can cause it to cause the other joint to melt. Then, you’ll need to eliminate any solder that is causing the problem and restart.

Another error that’s commonplace is placing hot and cold pipes close to each other. They will cancel each other. The end result is neither warm or cold water. This can be avoided by the spacing of your pipes.


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