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These are some tips to consider. Don’t assume every fence company is equal. A few questions can help you figure out if they’re suitable for you. Keep reading to discover the best you should ask about the fence company prior to hiring them.

In the beginning, ask “Do you possess the correct licence to carry out projects on my property?” There are different types of licenses that define what types of projects can be undertaken. In the case of a contractor, they may be licensed, but do not hold the appropriate license for your job.

The second step is to inquire “Can you verify your worker insurance and general liability policy?” You never want to hire somebody without seeing their insurance policy to ensure they’re covered. If a fencing company is not insured and a worker gets injured in the course of their work on your property, the liability could fall to you.

Then, inquire “Can I get a copy of your workmanship warranty?” If the fence has not been installed properly the first time the workmanship warranty can be covered for any repairs that are required. It is crucial for you to have repairs made if required, without having to pay an additional fee.

Check out the video below to find out more about hiring a fence company before you hire them.


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