How to Lay Pea Gravel – DIY Home Decor Ideas

natural paths around their yard and gardens. How do you lay the pea gravel in the first place.

It is important to make sure that you are using the 14mm size of chips. Lesser-sized gravel won’t be as durable and spread faster, making it messy.

The next thing to do is select the area in your lawn where the path you’ll be using for your gravel as well as to create the pathway. Make two measurement, the next step is to use chalk, stakes or fishline to indicate areas where your path will be laid.

Set up a weed fence to keep weeds and plants off the areas around. It isn’t necessary to dig out the dirt in order to remove any weeds, thanks to the weed membrane.

This is the time to put down the dirt. Place the gravel over the pathway and spread equally using a shovel and rake. The gravel should be no more than 50mm in depth. It is important to make sure you can see at the very top of the walkway and ensure you’re not sinking every time you turn.

For the removal of dust then run a hose across the entirety of the area. Now you have a beautiful and functional path.


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