Best Hand Control Mechanisms for Cars – Your Oil


Freedom Staff 2.0 Freedom Staff 2.0 is an updated version with the steering wheel with a knob that allows for single-handed steering. It also has the capability to be adjusted to accommodate almost all vehicles, and aluminum and stainless steel to make it light and strong.

Quicstick Hand Controls

Hand control from Quicstick has brake and right/left handed driving capabilities. It comes in a complete set and can be adjusted to suit any vehicle and driver. It’s made of aluminum construction and comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Mobile Handicap Hand Controls for Driving Hands

The hand controls can be utilized with brake push or thumb-to control functions. There are no tools needed to install or adjust to operate, and you can choose to use the left or right hand to operate.

Sago Mobile Disabled Driving

The Sago system features push-tobrake, thumb-to-gas controls with bracing straps that are included. There are also no devices required to install or adjust , and you can make it work for both right and left-handed users.

Canalhout Controls for Driving

The system was designed for operation with only one hand. It’s pre-assembled. it is possible to install the accelerator and brake components together or in separate. It’s constructed of aluminum alloy and stainless steel for lightweight weight and long-lasting durability.

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