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Most importantly, you don’t have to become a pro or be like Tonya Harding to make this adventure enjoyable! The only thing you need to take is go out and have fun with the ones you love.

11. Attend a Local Charity Event

Giving back during the holidays can make the holiday all more enjoyable. You don’t have to donate or take on a volunteer role this winter. There are many other methods to give back. Do you want to take your family for a trip to a local fundraiser which raises funds to support a cause you believe in? The good thing about charitable events is that they are usually full services including meals and educational seminars that to enjoy by giving to your favourite charity.

These events for charity can go towards a veterans donation program as well as to enhance the artistic experience in schools that are public as well as other issues affecting the local area. It is possible to host them wherever, from banquet halls and golf resorts. You can give while still enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Spend your money on charity this Christmas season.

12. Have a look Decorated Homes

Things to do with your family in the winter months can be easy. Everyone loves to be the envy of their neighbors in their home by decorating it with extravagant lights and spooky decor. Visit local communities to marvel at their beautifully decorated houses in winter! This is a fun activity that everybody is able to enjoy with the whole family.

Simply pile up the kids in the car, turn on some music that is relaxing, then drive around your neighborhood taking in all the houses. You can also take cycling throughout the neighborhood (if the weather is suitable), and explore the beautiful homes! Local water and energy departments will also be hosting sponsored festive light shows at Christmas time that will surely make smiles on your children’s faces!

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