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The professor is Professor John Ahr. There are a lot of different types of burnishing equipment. Some of them are flat, while some are curved. If you’ve ever worked with stone setting, then you may be familiar with them. Copper pieces have been lightly smoothed. The burnishing tool can help put the shine finish on it. The tools for burnishing can be utilized to make stone setting. It is the ideal tool to smooth a bezel. Burnishers are also used for other purposes. It is an efficient tool and helps solve the majority of problems that arise in the jewelry industry. The tool for burnishing is commonly used by jewelers for smoothing out the edges. The tool can be used to smooth small dents and knicks to jewelry, instead of having to take any stones out or perform any heat-related changes. There is no tool that comes out of the box perfect. It is important to keep the tools in good working order. When you watch the video, you’ll be able to see how you can polish your burnishing equipment so they’re performing perfectly for you. 121znk9sln.

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