Did You Know the Mona Lisa Was Once Stolen? – Arts and Music PA

This all changed when 1911 came around. The Mona Lisa theft is the basis for the video.

The painting was on display inside the gallery, along with other works, therefore it didn’t receive any security measures. A Italian person who was working at the gallery decided that it was his intention to steal the painting along with two brothers. The painting was taken out of the frame and hid it beneath the clothes of his. The missing artifact wasn’t discovered until it had been a long time.

After the public spotted it, word of the theft began to spread fast. In every corner of the world, journalists reported about the work and alerted everyone to watch out for the painting. The months passed without any sign of it. Although the person who stole it from Italy was questioned by police, they were not able to take further steps. The police eventually called the police in the event that the person who stole the painting tried try to sell the artwork to an Italian buyer. The police were able to make an arrest and then the painting was later released. It is likely that he would have been thankful for the help of bail bond collectors. He was later in prison. Nowadays, over six million come to see this famous painting each year. 922zxzep7r.

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