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Gather all the information you have gathered from the site then let your attorney as well as the police determine which information is valuable and what is not. If you are convinced that the fault lies with you, you should never confess to the fault. The police and your lawyer must determine what happened. It is not a good idea to take any statement from the police without having read it. Confirm that the statement is accurate. If the data is not exact, allow the police alter it according to the information you think is accurate. Make sure witnesses provide accurate information.

Collect Evidence

Evidence you have gathered helps you to get compensation for the vehicle damages. Collect any information you can use to be compensated. Make videos and photographs of the site of the accident. Photograph the injury you sustained during the collision. Get the names, addresses of contact numbers, telephone numbers, insurance details, drivers license number and vehicle plate numbers of any other motorists in an accident. Determine if the other drivers who were involved in the crash are just individuals or businesses. If it’s a business and have contact information, ask them to provide it. Maintain a record of address and contact numbers of any eyewitnesses who witnessed the crash. Save the receipts of amount paid to hire cars. Take note of the condition of the car, whereabouts of skid marks and traffic signals, as well for the fragments of cars. Record your health records appointments, and receipts if you are required to cover the costs during your visit. Request a full copy your medical history, which will include X-rays, as well as MRIs. Also, you should include documents regarding any vehicle repairs you made to your vehicle prior to the collision and provide a receipt. Evidence you collect will allow you to file for compensation from the insurance.

Engage an experienced attorney

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