Most Users Ignore Paid Ads Here’s What Companies Are Using Instead

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It can be incredibly challenging getting your business out there for everybody to see. The age of technology has completely changed how everyone, from company to customer, views marketing — video ads have all but replaced print and paper, while conventional signs have been pushed to the side in favor of animated billboards. When it comes to the Internet, search engines are the most affordable, widely-used and accessible method of gathering knowledge. SEO, which stands for ‘search engine optimization’, is a relatively new form of marketing that utilizes search engines to better yield results for all kinds of businesses around the country.

Internet Facts

Although advertisers are constantly looking for new ways to reel in customers, tastes and preferences seem to change on a dime. In spite of tens of thousands of dollars being spent on ad campaigns, it’s been found that anywhere from 70% to 80% of users will ignore paid ads entirely in favor of organic results. With over 100 million searches conducted each month alone, it’s no wonder businesses are routinely seeking out ways to capitalize on the convenience of search engines. Even social media, the oft cited go-to option for reaching customers nowadays, lags behind conventional search engine usage by over 300%.

Search Engines

Google, Bing, Yahoo — no matter your favorite brand, everyone uses at least one type of search engine to help them with everything from studying to shopping. Over 90% of online experiences begin with a single click in a popular search engine, although multiple surveys have seen around 75% of users not scrolling past the first page of their search results. This can prove frustrating for companies, who are often competing with others just to get their foot in the door and maintain their bottom line.

Finding A Great SEO Reseller

Not only can you hire your own SEO services, you can learn to sell them to other companies. Learning how to profit with an SEO reseller involves finding either an individual or company with years of experience in the field (with related areas such as journalism, web design and marketing helping, as well). Finding a great SEO reseller involves asking the right questions and utilizing the correct resources to help each individual business reach their goal. Are you good at gauging an audience’s response? Are you flexible and able to adapt to any situation? If so, look into becoming an SEO reseller and become part of the global e-movement.

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