Organic Links Account for 70 percent of the Links that Users Click On

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If your are interested in statistics regarding search engine optimization and search marketing with the search engines, you’ll be interested in knowing that the organic links found online make up for about 70 percent of all the links that online users click on when looking for products or services on the internet today. White label Seo resellers know this already. They have to know as much as they can about internet marketing and online sales as possible. The reason is, if you are going to be a white label SEO reseller you have to appear to be an expert in SEO.

For instance, the white label seo reseller needs to know that the overall score of a website on the internet can be increased if the site is search engine optimized. SEO will improve the overall quality and content visibility of a site. One thing that might really capture the attention of the white label seo reseller is the fact that in 2012, 88 percent of all users over the age of 14 shopped, browsed and research products online. If you are a white label seo reseller you can talk to your clients about how getting their websites optimized can increase their online sales. More consumers will be able to find their websites when they have been optimized for the search engines.

The internet is having a huge impact on the way people shop. It is also having an impact on the way businesses do marketing. Any business today needs a web presence. In fact, experts predict that in 2016, over half of every dollar spent in the United States retail sector will be influenced in one way or another by online marketing and business web presence.

Another thing that the white label seo reseller needs to know is that more people than ever are going on the internet with their smartphones and tablet pcs to learn about products and services that they want to buy. This also means that the average consumer today is more informed and will make better buying decisions. This trend is probably going to translate into more sales online than perhaps in brick and mortar stores in the future. Hence, another fact that the white label seo reseller can use as in their arsenal of selling points to get local business owners to to buy search engine optimization plans and packages from them.

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